Large Performer Groups at Alert Level 2

One of the scenarios ETNZ sent up to the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet was from a venue looking for clarity working with a dance school.

Scenario –  A dance school wishes to hire a venue for a show and will have 200 + performers.

The response received provided a definition or status of a dance school vs a school at Alert Level 2:

For clarity and to avoid any confusion, the response received suggests it is better to treat a dance school as an event/entertainment (or a social gathering). Workers (including performers etc.) are excluded from the number limit of 100 people in any defined space.

ETNZ recommends doing a thorough risk assessment prior to any event, keeping in mind considerations for working with others at Alert Level 2, and the requirements around distancing and mask use in the workplace.

To help clarify any further questions:

Question: Is there a limit on worker numbers at a gathering where only 100 ‘customers’ or audience members may be present?

Response: No, there is no limit set on the number of workers permitted at an event.

Question: Do performers at an event qualify as workers?

Response: Yes, performers are counted as workers (in relation to a business or service, any person who carries out work in any capacity for that business or service – whether paid or unpaid) and therefore not counted as part of the 100 person indoor limit.

Scenario – Regarding working with a school with 200 + performers at Alert Level 2:

In this instance the fact they are a school, where events such as performances can continue (link to information), allows them to plan accordingly. As a school performance, teachers and students do not need to physically distance or wear masks around each other.

ETNZ recommends seeking clarification from the authorities should this not be clear for your proposed scenario.