Cultural Sector Emergency Relief Fund – Ministry for Culture and Heritage

In response to our queries for clarification on this fund, ETNZ has received the below information from the Ministry for Culture and Heritage. Please reach out to us if you have specific questions regarding applying for this funding.


Thank you for your email and your questions about the Cultural Sector Emergency Relief Fund.   Thank you also for your patience with us as we get this fund launched. 

The fund is now open for applications. Here is a link to the Manatū Taonga online portal where we will administer applications.  I recommend your members checking out key information for applicants. This information will hopefully address your questions about what supporting documentation is required for proof and a glossary of terms such as ‘no longer operating viably’ and ‘viable operations’ for organisations or sole traders. 

Regarding the definition of Cultural Sector Organisations, if your members can demonstrate that they contribute to creating, presenting, protecting and distributing arts, culture and heritage they would be eligible to apply as long as they meet the other eligibility criteria.  Their contribution to the cultural sector must be the primary purpose of their organisation. For additional clarity as to the types or organisations and work that cultural sector organisations undertake (but are not limited to) could be:

  • Performing arts company / venue 
  • Technical service provider
  • Museum, gallery, archive, whare taonga
  • Festival organisation 
  • Iwi/hapū organisation
  • Advocacy/membership organisation
  • Arts, culture, or heritage consultancy business
  • Sole trader

Art forms or disciplines include (but are not limited to):

  • Māori arts and culture 
  • Pacific arts and culture 
  • Other arts, culture or heritage 
  • Dance 
  • Literature 
  • Multi-discipline 
  • Music 
  • Screen 
  • Theatre 
  • Visual arts 
  • Heritage 

If after reviewing the above material and the online application form, you or your members have any questions, please get in touch and we will address any further questions you have.