COVID-19 Services & Support Contact Numbers

Government have released a list of support and service contact phone numbers for a range of topics. You will find them in the PDF below. These include:

  • Health Advice
  • Health Advice about Babies or Children
  • Mental Health or Addiction Support
  • Support with Family Violence or Sexual Violence – It’s ok to leave your bubble to keep yourself or someone else safe. If you need to leave, help will be there.
  • Concerns about the Wellbeing or Safety of a Child
  • Support for Young People
  • Rural & Farming Support
  • Access to Food or Essential Items
  • Financial Support
  • Renting & Tenancy Advice
  • Animal Welfare Matters
  • Employment Advice & Support
  • Further Information on Other Support

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to any if needed, & remember free counselling support is available to all ETNZ members here, even if you are in a Coal tier.