5th March 8:00am – Webinar on the Coronavirus and Events

Event Safety Alliance are holding a free Webinar this week on the subject of the coronavirus. Attendance for this live seminar is limited to 300 persons, but will be available to stream following the event.

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“The current coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has been spreading across the globe infecting tens of thousands of people. Supply chains have been interrupted. Public health interventions have been implemented that affect businesses and events. What should your organization be doing now to prepare?

This webinar looks at this public health crisis from two distinct perspectives: Infectious Disease Business Continuity Planning and Crisis Management. Does your organization have the right plans in place to continue operations during an infectious disease outbreak? Is there a process in place to gather and analyze current information and make informed decisions? Is there a crisis management process and team in place? When do you activate them?

By preparing in advance, you can take actions that help to minimize the effect on your events. We will look at the eight items you should be paying attention to right now.

Join this webinar to increase your understanding of the COVID-19 situation, improve your business continuity plan to address the Coronavirus outbreak and fine tune your crisis management process.”